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minimum 2500 MB in roaming The calculated data is the minimum that you get in roaming. However some carriers may give users more data than the minimum. More info below.


June 15 2017 marks the end of roaming charges in the European Union. From that day on, European citizens who travel within the EU will be able to call, text and connect on their mobile devices at the same price as they pay at home. However the new rules don’t apply to the mobile operators. They’ll still pay charges to use other telecom’s networks to provide their services. This means that every mobile user will be after all limited when using his phone abroad. The thing that will differ is the data allowances.


How many on my free minutes will I be able to use within the EU?

When you travel within the EU, there are no volume restrictions for voice calls and SMS. This means that you’ll be able to use all your free minutes, included in your plan. There are rules and limits for data usage at domestic price.

How do I calculate how much of my data allowances I can use within the EU?

Ако Вашият абонаментен пакет включва неограничени данни, Вашият оператор трябва да Ви предостави голямо количество данни в роуминг, в зависимост от цената на мобилния Ви пакет. Може да изчислите минималният обем данни, който ще ползвате безплатно в зоната на ЕС, посредством Роуминг калкулатурът автоматично пресмята Вашите безплатни минути, в зависимост от месечната Ви такса. Посочете месечната си такса в първото поле, след което посочете и лимита за трафик на данни/трафик на данни на максимална скорост. Роуминг калкулатурът автоматично ще изчисли колко MB/GB ще можете да използвате в роуминг.

If I exceed your domestic usage limits, what other charges will apply?

If you exceed your domestic usage your operator may start applying a surcharge to your roaming consumption. The surcharges (excluding VAT) are capped as follows:
• 3.2 cents per minute of voice call made
• 1 cent per SMS
• €7.70 per GB of data (cap in 2017)


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